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Ultimate Guide: How To Make Money With Flosmall Affiliate Program

June 02, 2017 0 Comments

Ultimate Guide: How To Make Money With Flosmall Affiliate Program

Flosmall established in 2013 and it have served tens of thousands EU clients in the past years. Clients love Flosmall because of our express shipping by Dhl, our fast response customer service, our always online customs taxes insurance. All words in one: Chinese Price , EU Service!

So we have a high percentage of returned clients and returned orders! Sometimes our lovely clients purchased phones for their friends and family from Flosmall and the annual amount can reach as many as 20 pcs above in one year! So you will never regret if you recommend Flosmall to your audiences or your friends! So Now in this article we will introduce how to make money with Flosmall Affiliate Program.

Flosmall Affiliate Registration

1.Registration On Flosmall Affiliate Page

Who can become Flosmall Affiliates? There are three groups in generally. 

One is tech blog owners or phone forum owners. We have cooperated with most famous tech forums or tech bloggers in EU. They never be afraid to introduce us to their audience. 

Second is youtube channel owner or facebook group founder, and even reddit activities. 

Third is family phones buyer. We have repeated customers who purchase phones for his/her family and friends as their friends who are not familiar with international shopping.

First thing, you need to finish registration to become our affiliate.Here is the link for Flosmall registration page.

2. Login in Flosmall Affiliate System To Get Referral Link

Flosmall Affiliate Login Page

Here is the link for affiliate to login in:

3. Share Your Affiliate Referal Link To Make Earning

Flosmall Affiliate Program Referral Link

As per above screenshot,  you can see the link including "rfsn"code is the referral link for every affiliates. The default referral link is with destination to our home page. You can share this to your facebook, twitter or emails etc via just one click.

As an affiliate, you have your own audience. You may want to introduce a specific new product, a special holiday promotion, an giveaway event everyone does not want to miss.Then you need to create a link for a specific page. So your audience can click to the right page without any searching action required.

4. What Makes A Valid Referral Payment?

As we know, referral orders means orders placed by other people. So at least from 2nd referral orders, The payment will become valid. All the orders are pending before approval. If the referral orders are cancelled before shipping, the commission will be denied. Every 20th we will pay our affiliates by paypal unless affiliates have a request for minimum payment values. So please make sure your paypal address is correct in our affiliate system.

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