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Ibywind Professional Fully Automatic Thermoelectric Ice Cream maker,LCD Display 0.7 Liter 120 Mins Ice Cream Milkshake Smoothies Jelly Maker Machine For Home No Pre-freeze Required|2 Years Warranty


Do you still pre-freeze your 20usd ice cream maker one night before? Are you still hesitated to afford an 200usd self-refrigerating ice cream maker? With Ibywind Thermoelectric Automatic Ice Cream Maker, you get the perfect solution for your ideal ice cream maker.No pre-freeze is required and you just need to press the button and wait. your ice cream maker can be ready in 90 mins. Ibywind ice cream maker is the same function as automatic ice cream with a compressor but just half the price.


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Ibywind YF700 Thermoelectric Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Ibywind YF700 Thermoelectric Automatic Ice Cream Maker


Comparison Of Ice Cream Makers
We have three kinds of different ice cream makers. One is pre-freeze style, one is automatic ice cream maker with compressor.And here we have the new innovative thermoelectric automatic ice cream maker. We will compare them three as below. You will know Ibywind YF700 thermoelectric automatic ice cream maker is the leading technology offering every family a better choice. It is convenient to use, 6 functions in one machine, cheap price and no pre-freeze required. Just 119usd you can take it home!

 Pre-freeze  Compressor  Thermoelectric

Pre-freeze ice cream makers require you to freeze the bucket for 8 hours above before making ice creams. If the ice bucket is overchill or insufficient churn, you will have a failure experience in ice cream making.

✔Cheap Price Around $20
✘10h Pre-freeze required
✘Manual operation

Ice cream makers with a compressor can prepare the ice cream desserts within 30mins.All the operation are automatic. Just price are always above $200 or more. Furthermore, it is heavy duty and big volume.

✘Price $200 or more
✔30m without pre-freeze
✔Automatic operation

Thermoelectric ice cream makers can finish the ice cream making in 90 mins. No pre-freeze required. Price is as affordable as $119.Operation is automatic and easy.It is small compact design and good looking.

✔Price $119
✔90m without pre-freeze
✔Automatic operation


-0.7L Capacity


-Cooling System: thermoelectric

-No pre-freeze, fully automatic and self-cooling

-Preparation time:90mins

-Weight about 2.6kg


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