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Xiaomi Steel Gun Bluetooth Speaker 2 Generation



Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth 2 generation is with simple and precise appearance design and professional speaker ,what is amazing it is with over 7 hours standby. The biggest feature for Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth 2 generation is professionl Tymphany speaker. A great speaker can generate high quality sound. 1200mah big battery can offer 7 hours continuous playing. PC+ABS raw material of Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth speaker offers perfect handfeelng and refined artwork.Bluetooth 4.1 technology offers a convenient operation for phones and tablets.


User Guide:
Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth 2 generation looks simple and it is more easier to use. You can finish all the function operation via aluminum top on Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth 2 generation, including connection to audio device, volume controlling and play/pause etc functions.

Power On/Power Off :Press aluminum top for 2 seconds, can switch between power on and power off.

Bluetooth connection: When you want to connect Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth 2 generation with new device,pressing aluminum top twice by short can let the bluetooth connection disconnected and Xiaomi steel gun bluetooth 2 generation is standby status waiting for connection with other new device

Volume/Pause Control: Connect Xiaomi Steel Gun Bluetooth 2 Generation with device, play music. Now rotate the aluminum top clockwise or anticlockwise, you can change the sound volume. You can pause/play music by pressing aluminum top down with 360 angle.


Product size: 60.0mm * 60.0mm * 93.3mm

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.1

Effective distance: 10 meters

Music playing time: about 7 hours

Maximum output power: 5W

Speaker impedance: 4Ω

Battery capacity: 1200mAh 3.7V

USB power input: 5V 1A

Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +40℃

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