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How to pick up a good TPU Case for Xiaomi Mi6 

June 26, 2017 0 Comments

How to pick up a good TPU Case for Xiaomi Mi6 

How to pick up a good TPU case for Xiaomi Mi6?Flosmall will tell you the answer on comparison among 10 TPU samples including Xiaomi Mi6 original TPU case.

We got over ten Xiaomi Mi6 TPU cases samples from different TPU manufacturers, including original Xiaomi manufacturer. Then, we coded these samples from No.1 to No. 15.  After first glance, we narrowed down to 7 samples. And No.1 sample becomes a winner after thorough comparison. Surely, we make No.1 sample Flos Xiaomi Mi6 TPU Case. It is with the best design and functions. On one hand, it looks slim and pure transparency with integrity design. On the other hand, it is anti-dust, anti-shake and all holes position are precise. 

Xiaomi Mi6 Silicone Case

Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case

Xiaomi Mi6 Original TPU Case

How to pick up a good TPU case for Xiaomi Mi6?

 1 A good Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case must be made with authentic phone molding

Xiaomi Mi6 Case Prototype mold

There are seven TPU sample cases are produced with authentic phone molding,so these fit Xiaomi Mi6 100%.

 A good Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case is 0.2mm thick on the camera part.

 Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case protect the camera

No.1 and No.3 can further protect the camera with convex 0.2mm, on the contrary, No.2, No.9, No.10 and original Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case without this feature.

 Whether the side of TPU case has the line or not?

 Xiaomi MI6 TUP Case integral moulding design

As we all know, if the side of the case has not the line, you will feel more comfortable. But why some TPU case comes with this line?Because this kind of TPU case is produced by the synthetic mold with up and down.In these samples, only the No.1 and original Xiaomi M6 TPU case without this line. 

 Featuring 0.2mm raised bezels can protect the screen.


xiaomi mi6 tpu case shockproof and anti-fall

In these seven samples, only the No.2 without raised bezels, the other TPU cases are higher than the phone screen 0.2mm.When placed face down, it can reduce the probability that the screen will touch the ground directly, and reduce the impact of the screen directly landing to protect the phone screen.

 5 Anti-dust Plug

xiaomi mi6 tpu case Anti-dust plug

Xiaomi Mi6 has some buttons and holes, like the volume key and power button, No.1 Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case is one to one design, and it is a perfect match with those buttons and holes, with this design,it can ensure the phone to avoid dust and scrape by 360°all-round protection.

 6  Frosted button with “+-” logo

Xiaomi Mi6 TPU Case Matte button

No.1 Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case button is frosted design with “+-”logo, the unique design of the closed button, offing you the real experience of using, so even if the phone with TPU case, you still can quickly find the location of “+-”button.


 Lanyard hole

 Xiaomi mi6 tpu case Lanyard hole

Xiaomi mi6 tpu case Lanyard design

All of these samples, only No.1, No.7 and No.9 comes with lanyard hole, with this design, it will be more convenient to carry the Xiaomi Mi6.


 Xiaomi Mi6 TPU Case Price

These Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case only has a slight difference in thickness, softness, and feeling, the other part is similar.The prices range from 4usd to 10usd.


So from these seven samples, we could found that the No.1 Xiaomi Mi6 is the best TPU case, and it becomes Flos Xiaomi Mi6 TPU case.

We will sell the Flos Xiaomi Mi6 TPU Case and Flos Xiaomi Mi6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector by a combination, it also includes some gift like Dust-absorber、Wipes、Wipping cloth and Lanyard.

Non-EU customers can buy them from Flosmall Shop at only $7 with Airmail Fulfillment:

Buy Xiaomi Mi6 Flos TPU Case

xiaomi mi6 flos tpu case

xiaomi mi6 flos tpu case

xiaomi mi6 flos tpu case

xiaomi mi6 flos tpu case

xiaomi mi6 flos tpu case

xiaomi mi6 flos tpu case

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