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The Ultimate Guide You Need To Know Before Buying Xiaomi Mi6 Online From Flosmall

May 02, 2017 0 Comments

The Ultimate Guide You Need To Know Before Buying Xiaomi Mi6 Online From Flosmall

Today is April.28th,2017. A big day for Xiaomi. Xiaomi MI6 first launch starts! Here are the ultimate guide you need to know before buying Xiaomi Mi6 online from Flosmall!

Why buy Xiaomi Mi6? Xiaomi Mi6 Is First Chinese Phone Sporting Snapdragon 835

Xiaomi Mi6 is the first Chinese smart phones sporting Snapdragon 835. Snapdragon 835 is the first global 10nm cpu. Snapdragon 835 increases 30 percent in efficiency and 27 percent in performance and 40 percent in power consumption compared with the previous 14nm.

Snapdragon 835 supports Qualcomm Quickcharge 4.0. It means if you quickcharge Xiaomi Mi6 for 5 mins, you can use it up to five hours.

Why buy Xiaomi Mi6? Xiaomi Mi6 Appearance is beautiful and stunning!

Here we will show you how Xiaomi Mi6 looks like.

Why buy Xiaomi Mi6?Xiaomi Mi6 Main Cameras Are 12Mp Dual-Camera, 2X Optical zoom, 4-Axis OIS.

Xiaomi Mi6 adopts the same dual cameras solution as iPhone 7 plus ,2X optical zoom,4-Axis OIS. So you can make goods photos even the light environment is dark. 2X optical camera plus optical zoom bringing you the best photographing experience.

Xiaomi Mi6 dual cameras photo samples

Why buy Xiaomi Mi6? Forbes Reviews Xiaomi Mi6 Sports iPhone 7 Camera tech,with Galaxy S8 Specs,only half price!

CNBC Review On Xiaomi Mi6

Forbes Review On Xiaomi Mi6


Xiaomi Mi6 is with outstanding hand feeling. With four-sided glasses, Xiaomi Mi6 not only on the edges but also on the corners. You can see the best explanation from Xiaomi presentation.

what is four edge glasses

Important: Whether European clients can use Xiaomi Mi6 local phone operator? Here we list the main phone carrier in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands and we have confirmed Xiaomi Mi6 is compatible with these phone carriers. Keep in mind Xiaomi Mi6 does not support the 800MHz (Band 20) 4G band in Europe (though it does support 2100MHz and 2600MHz).

Country Compatible Carrier
Italy 3 (Tre),Vodafone,Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM),Wind
Spain Movistar,Vodafone,Yoigo,Orange
Germany E-Plus,T-Mobile,Vodafone
France Bouygues Télécom,Free,Orange,SFR
Netherlands KPN,Vodafone,T-Mobile,Ziggo


Finally, you don't want to miss Xiaomi Mi6 Giveaway Event From Flosmall!

Xiaomi Mi6 Giveaway Event From Flosmall


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